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Experts often advise entrepreneurs to pair up, but there’s so much freedom in going it alone.

It takes longer to hit cruising altitude.

You can start slowly and fund your growth with profits.

You can’t launch a business and wait for customers to show up like trick-or-treaters on Halloween. They need a reason to care; something that’s unique, intriguing, fresh or surprising.

Don’t waste time worrying about those media-darling founders or what your MBA classmates have done.


Without open source, and if you’re only building for your organization, you have a narrow focus. Open source forces you to consider the use cases of other organization’s needs, and it helps shape it to be an overall better product at the end of the day.

stick with open source kept them honest, keeping them from building niche products that had no relevance to the broader cloud native ecosystem.

to build an open source project with longevity, you need to stay apprised of the trends and best practices of the community you’re trying to serve. That’s how you encourage contributions from developers and practitioners eager to contribute to the wider benefit of their community, not a single siloed project.

Look for grassroots community support first, not corporate sponsors.