If you’re paying attention, you’ll be asking at this point not just how to avoid the fatal pinch, but how to avoid being default dead. That one is easy: don’t hire too fast. Hiring too fast is by far the biggest killer of startups that raise money. 

Plus founders who’ve just raised money are often encouraged to overhire by the VCs who funded them. Kill-or-cure strategies are optimal for VCs because they’re protected by the portfolio effect. VCs want to blow you up, in one sense of the phrase or the other. But as a founder your incentives are different. You want above all to survive. 

Airbnb waited 4 months after raising money at the end of Y Combinator before they hired their first employee. In the meantime the founders were terribly overworked. But they were overworked evolving Airbnb into the astonishingly successful organism it is now.